Colour and Mood


Colour plays a huge part in the way a space ends up looking.

The colours chosen for a space define the mood that is evoked from it. Choosing the right colour for your space is vital, depending on what mood you want to bring out.


As such a neutral colour, the mood that pulls through will depend on shade choice and lighting.

If you want a calming and smooth colour, grey is the way to go. However too much can have a negative impact. It’s good to accent a grey room with some brighter elements to add some character.

Grey is a great choice when it comes to adding accents, as almost all colours will work with it.


It’s the colour of the sun for a reason. Bringing vibrance and light into any space, yellow is sure to brighten up any room.

However, as with grey, too much can be overwhelming. Yellow is best used to accessorise with or makes a great feature wall!


An excitement evoking colour, orange is sure to grab the eye.

Less intense than red, it’s striking and bold, making it perfect for learning environments and offices.

It’s attention grabbing properties can …


I think we all know what mood red will evoke.

Red demands to be seen, making it great in areas where attention is demanded.

It can also be great in social areas, keeping people engaged and awake.


Bringing nature inside is a huge trend at the moment.

Adding green to a room creates a relaxed atmosphere, as it reduces levels of anxiety and is a restorative colour.


One of the strongest colour-mood relationships, the use of blue adds serenity to any room.

Known to reduce blood pressure and lower heart rate, it’s the perfect choice for creating a relaxed space.

The shade of blue however, is the key to evoking the right mood. Pastel blues are perfect as accessories, although overuse can come across as cold.


Light purples have similar properties to green and blue, in that they are quite calming.

On the other hand, deeper purples can be rather harsh and intense if used too much.

Usually associated with elegance and luxury, small amounts of purple can add a touch of sophistication to a space.