Colour Trends of 2019

June 2019

Year in year out, preferred colour palettes change. We’ve done some research on the latest trends to keep your spaces as current as possible.

According to WGSN’s colour forecasting, pastels are back and in a big way.

Their focus lies with ‘Neo Mint’, considered to be a colour that “aligns futuristic development with nature” – Jane Monnington Body.

The report outlines the importance of pastel colours, as well as bold and vibrant colours to create contrasts. We’ve seen this lots in our recent productions,¬†with bold statement pieces making a large move into the industry, complimented by subdued, pastel tones.

The contrast creates a unique look to any space. We love the combination of metal tones with darker pastels and woods, and also light pastel tones merged with natural leafy elements.

Along with pastels, purple tones are showing strong growth.

Purples are showing their maturity, as bold colours that are great for building strong layers with.

They both match and contrast a variety of colour palettes, and this versatility makes it an unchallenged colour to use.