Joinery Trends


Trends are constantly changing in the industry.

At the height of summer we’ve seen many trends coming to fruition so far, with┬áthe expectancy of them sticking around into 2020.


Offices have seen many drastic changes from what they used to be, transforming from drab to fab.

Workers wellbeing has assisted massively in this shift, with companies valuing their employees needing space to relax from their busy working days.

Bringing nature in

The shift towards bringing the outside in took off in 2018 and it’s here to stay.

This approach incorporates elements such as living walls and an abundance of natural lighting. It provides a more natural feel to any space.

Metals & Woods

You could call this a perfect combination, as these two materials compliment each other perfectly.

Using the two elements together can make some truly show stopping spaces, as the contrast is bound to attract the eye.

A minimalist approach

There is no arguing that minimalism has grown massively over the last few years. The minimalist approach allows for a simple and relaxed feeling to add to an area.

Smart storage spaces and simply designed pieces make bold statements in any space. Designed well, the right storage space can add so much whilst remaining subtle.

Lighter colours are also on the rise, as they reflect more light to brighten any area up.