Bridgewater’s Design Cave


The design team here at Bridgewater are all fully skilled and equipped in all elements of bringing your creations to life.

Our team consists of designers with over 14 years of experience in design between them.

Alex: 6 years experience

Considered to be the technical wizard of the office, Alex excels with our most intricate and bespoke design projects. Alex has implemented many of the systems and software that we use to optimise our materials and functions. These practices have since successfully reduced our waste generation by around 60% making Bridgewater environmentally friendly.

Kat: 5 years experience

Kat is incredibly passionate about what she does. Not only with 3D technical CAD drawings but also Bridgewater branding, as our senior editor of all Bridgewater branding materials. Her years at university have enabled her to be a vital cog in the design machine.

Josh: 3 years experience

As the newest member of the cave, Josh has moved over from sales and into design. Starting in sales with Bridgewater has given Josh the perfect understanding of all aspects of a project. He’s able to understand what goes into costing a project then seeing it through to getting the designs perfect. As he grows he’s going to make an excellent member of the cave.

Our design team complete approval drawings and renders* to help you visualise designs before manufacture. Take a look at some examples below…

* Renders are available at an additional cost on request. Speak to our team to find out more today.