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Vanity Units: Our Range

Our vanity units are an elegant and practical way of concealing services in any washroom environment. There are an infinite number of designs and materials that our customer can choose from, whether that’s a bespoke request or from our standard ranges below.

Palatine Range
Entry Level MFC

The Palatine range is our entry level vanity unit, and proof you can have a big impact with style without having a big impact on your budget. This inexpensive piece of furniture defies its price tag and provides exceptional functionality with a classy look. The core material is moisture resistant MDF with a laminated face and a plant on upstand, making this piece of furniture inexpensive and functional.

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Victoria Range
Mid-range High Pressure Laminate

Our Victoria Vanity units are made from High Performance Laminate (HPL) and come in a flexible choice of colours and styles to suit our customers needs. All our laminate vanity unit tops are manufactured from durable high-pressure laminate with a moisture resistant MDF core for long life. The down stand features an ingenious post formed corner design for added strength. Integral up-stands are also post formed for easy cleaning.

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Trinity Range
Luxury Compact Grade

The Trinity Vanities are made from Compact Grade Laminate (CGL), this is one of the most hard wearing materials on the market. The Opulence isn’t a one trick pony, as well as being incredibly durable it comes in a whole host of styles and colours and can be manufactured to suit any environment.

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Blackfriars Range
Luxury Solid Surface

Our Solid Surface vanity units are a feature in any washroom environment. Whether designed to blend in with the other fixtures or stand out as a feature piece, we have a style and colour that will work for you. Solid surface has the added benefit of being seamless in all areas, this extends to built in sinks and rounded edges. Whether its Corian, Hanex or Krion our skilled craftsmen can bring to life the design you are currently imaging.

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