• Style tailored to suite any environment

  • Durable pipework concealment

  • Lockable and hinged panel options

  • Anti ligature available

  • Customised for any space

  • Engineered for maximum value

Duct Wall System: Our Range

Our IPS systems are not only designed to conceal services, but to enhance the visual appearance of washrooms facilities. Offering both flexibility and functionality, duct wall systems provide the finishing touch to any washroom. We have a range of accessible panel systems to suit all customer needs, and if you aren’t sure which one is right for you, speak to one of our helpful sales team.

Entry Level MFC

Our Palatine range is proof that you can have a quality look whilst managing a tight budget. We use MR chipboard for our Palatine range, this is a cost effective and functional material to suit a client looking to make a little go a long way.

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Mid-range High Pressure Laminate

For the Victoria range, we use High Performance Laminate on moisture resistant MDF. This range looks great in any environment, with performance features such as an “anti bacterial” surface and post formed edges.

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Luxury Compact Grade

Our premium offering with contemporary fittings and fixtures, this modern, durable design will look incredible whilst standing the test of time. Our Trinity range comes in Solid Grade Laminate SGL, this near indestructible material has a modern, classy feel and is suitable for higher end settings

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Feature Wall Panelling: Our Range

Feature wall panelling is used with design in mind. It can be utilised to complement the appearance of any space, whilst concealing any unattractive systems such as plumbing, electric systems and telecoms wires. We use a very tough and durable material, however can be very easily replaced should it become damaged for any reason.

Feature Wall Panelling
Enhance any space

Our panelling can be manufactured in an array of colours and designs to suit your vision. Whether you’re looking for something to match some existing works or provide a strong contrast of colours, we strive to do it all. Our panelling can be configured however you desire, with our extensive accessories available including trims, flash gaps and translucent lighting. MFC panelling excels when used in dry conditions and makes an easy solution for most interior environments. HPL panelling offers the best results for areas where durability is required, as it is weather and colour stable, and resistant to impact damage. SGL works best in humid or wet areas, as it’s totally water and liquid resistant.

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